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The WATEAIR is a private institution that develops innovative solutions for increasing quality of life coupled with environmental preservation and sustainability.

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Natural resources are finite and only new methodologies ensured future generations.

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The station "infinite bath" SHOWEAIR is a concept based on physical separation of contaminant particles from the water held by inducing ions in water molecules and sensors that recognize, agglutinate, isolate and dispose of these contaminants using a small amount of water as vehicle. This allows systematic physically separate chemicals and body fluids in real time, without the use of filters.

The SHOWEAIR system is not disposable filters and is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 with the intent to be quite durable and aesthetically perfect for adaptation to different environments, embedded form or overlapped and adaptable to standard existing shower booths on the market.

The SHOWEAIR system is managed through a computerized electronic module, sensors and pumps running full at 12 Volts DC, which make highly secure, economical, intelligent and adaptable directly to the alternative power generation systems without the need for inverters and adapters.


The SHOWEAIR system allows saving up to 90% of the water used in the bath by physical separation of organic and chemical particles and also contemplates reuse of contaminated water which was used in the bath for discharge purposes toilets and urinals vessels, a pump for output water already contained in the system can pressurize the water to a reservoir containing up to 10 meters and further enhance property of the water economy.


The SHOWEAIR system enables savings of up to 85% of energy used in a communal shower, this great savings occurs because the existing heat reuse the water reused in the bath, employment shower suitable for the system performs a "read" the inlet temperature and only fits the outlet temperature (in degrees Celsius) chosen by the user.


The SHOWEAIR bath module is designed to work fully in 12 Volts DC, making it highly secure against accidents caused by electric shock, no mechanical controls or taps on the system, the activation of the SHOWEAIR module and the shower indicated for the system are actuated and controlled by wireless remote control.


Manufacturing standards measures and suggestions for adaptation and installation of the glass bath cabin in SHOWEAIR module.

Module standard measures

Módulo Showeair medidas

Adaptations in glass box

Módulo Showeair adaptações

Hydraulic connections

Módulo Showeair adaptações


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